Live your lifestyle

Lifestyle is hot!
Say you’re not telling anyone that in the evening, with a bag of crisps or a roll of biscuits, you plump on the couch with it extinguished, because that’s really good … Right? Lifestyle, lifestyle or body style is hot! If the advertisement doesn’t fall on the doormat, you’ll see it flashing by on TV or the Internet. Everyone wants something from you but what do you really want?

What is lifestyle coaching?
Lifestyle coaching is guiding someone to learn to take care of themselves, see what suits you and what is good for you! You don’t change habits that have been ingrained over the years just like that, we understand that, but how do you change. And not just forever. Being beautiful, self-confidence, energy, being comfortable in your skin, delicious & healthy food, health or perseverance are all items that are dealt with in our profession.

A deep sigh
The other day I received a telephone call and I heard a lady who sighed deeply and asked me the following question: “Madam, my boss thinks I should do something about my weight. So I would like to make an appointment, is that possible?” To which I replied, “Of course you can, is your boss coming too?” Confused, the woman answered “Uh… no why?”

In the introductory meeting that followed our telephone conversation, we discussed what this client actually wants. What does she think about her boss telling her what to do? What does that do to you? And what do you want? While talking, I find out that this lady has a chronically ill child in her family and that as a result she hasn’t slept more than 3-5 hours a night for years. In addition, the lady says “I eat when I can and that is often at work or late at night”. A deep sigh. “….I’m just so tired”.

What struck me most about this conversation was the relief of the lady in question. She literally said: “Finally lost my story, what a relief”. Of course we started to coach and support her, but not like her employer had in mind; with diets. Together we looked at how the situation of this client could be changed. How do we ensure that energy, rhythm and regularity are brought back into her life? How are we going to make sure that she can eat healthy again and learn to take care of herself? In short: we are going to make sure that her lifestyle is right again!

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